I work with MOTIVATED entrepreneurs to help you to MARKET & LAUNCH your online programs.  

What does that mean? It MEANS that I walk with you from where you are now, to launching your business or program online. PROVIDING you guidance, STRATEGY, TOOLS and SUPPORT along the way. 

As a trained Coach Practioner, I have the TOOLS, TRAINING and EXPERIENCE to help you achieve your success.

I understand the anxiousness and FEAR associated with the excitement of being an entrepreneur and not knowing which path to follow, or where to begin. The amazing dream of living a live where you are fulfilled and in control of your business allowing you the flexibility to live the life you love.  

I have been there, I have gone from the corporate world to teaching as a Business Professor, to now running my own successful online business.  I want to pass my knowledge, expertise and TRAINING on to you!

YOU will have my genuine optimism and FULL SUPPORT.  I will also use NLP programming and different learning styles, to help you effectively navigate your way to success.

Think of me as you SIRI for launching your business, your biggest supporter, your personal business trainer, motivator and creative collaborator on your journey to your full potential. 



Mel Ireton, Business Coach

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